Roads Component

The UKNIAF Roads Component officially came to a closure in March 2022. The information herewith reflects its activities between 2019-2022.

The goal of the Roads Component was to support the management and maintenance of the Federal Road Network. This was implemented by working with relevant government agencies to overcome existing constraints to achieve transformational change in the way that public money is spent on the Federal Road Network.

This was intended to improve the recovery of the FRN condition and provide a road network that facilitates economic growth.

The Roads Component aimed to achieve this goal through a three-pronged approach: Road Sector Reform, Effective Road Asset Management and Improved Works Delivery.

Support to the Road sector reform was to help facilitate the implementation of Federal Government’s sector reform plans and policies to improve the sector’s management and its technical and operational systems and processes.

Support to effective road asset management was to improve evidence-based decision making in relation to road maintenance through a Road Asset Management System.

Improved works delivery aimed to strengthen delivery of construction and maintenance projects through improvements to existing works programme/project management processes, budgeting procedures and capacity building.