UKNIAF’s Power component provides targeted Technical Assistance to sector Ministries, Departments and Agencies to strengthen institutional capacity and facilitate climate-smart, infrastructure planning and delivery.

This will increase the pace of access to improved quality electricity services consistent with Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contributions and the country’s commitment to the Energy Transition Plan.

Regulatory independence and effectiveness are key drivers in achieving a contract-based market. UKNIAF is supporting the Regulator by providing access to data to support evidence-based regulatory interventions.

While a contract-based market will lead to improved efficiencies and expanded utilisation, it could negatively affect the poor if not designed with this class in mind from the onset. Therefore the component is taking a proactive approach by work with the regulator to ensure that the life-line tariff for the poor continues to be implemented, through cross-market subsidies by the more economically empowered consumers.

There will also be focus on customer enumeration and mechanisms to strengthen the customer interface platforms for the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission and the distribution companies (DisCo)s. This will ensure that the poor are properly counted and adequate provisions are made for the life-line tariff to be continuously revised and effectively implemented.

Another goal for the Power Component is increasing access in the off-grid space which, when achieved, progresses the pro-poor agenda. Improved access, especially to off grid power, will provide social opportunities to poor and marginalised groups, especially women, in a resilient, sustainable way.

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