Decision Support Tool Workshop​


DST Workshop Recordings

Decision Support Tool Workshop

The DST Workshop scheduled for 2 March 2022 forms part of the Phase I Capacity Development Approach, and seeks to provide a detailed run through the Decision Support Tool (DST), which has been updated under IF11 to incorporate Nigeria’s updated National Determined Contributions (NDCs), which was outlined in the UNFCCC communications submitted by the Government of Nigeria in July 2021.

It has been scheduled ahead of the start of the 2023 Budget Process, and serves as an opportunity to sensitise key target MDAs for the pilot phase of the mainstreaming of the DST in the annual budget process. And has the key objective of establishing a validated shortlist of MDAs within the target sectors identified in the NDCs as being the highest emitters of GHGs (i.e. Energy, Transport, Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU), and Industrial Processes and other Product Use).

The workshop is the culmination of the key activities outlined in the detailed delivery plan approved in November 2021, as follows:

  • Joint planning sessions with BOF to sequence Task Order team inputs into the 2022 & 2023 Budget calendar held at inception from September to October 2021.
  • The development of the capacity development approach for mainstreaming the DST in at least 2 Federal MDAs ahead of the start of the 2023 Budget Calendar, which was approved following the November Breakpoint meeting.
  • Identification of 7 MDAs, as part of the process of selecting 2 MDAs for TA support to apply the use of the DST in compiling their submission for the 2023 Capital Budget submission.

The design and delivery of an MDA webinar, which will be held following the DST workshop in, and focus on an extended session with Jeremy Gorelick of the Green Finance Institute on “Key considerations for successfully positioning Climate-smart projects for Climate Finance”. This is expected to be the first of a series of public seminars to create awareness and engagement on the opportunities and practicalities of transitioning towards low carbon, climate resilient infrastructure.

Key outcomes & objectives

The DST Workshop builds on the awareness created following the Climate Finance Workshop held in December 2021, with a reference group of key public sector personnel responsible for the Capital Budget functions from the Budget Office of the Federation and key infrastructure line MDAs.

The Workshop has been designed with the following key outcomes:

  • Enhanced MDA awareness of the updated NDCs, and how they can be used to conceptualise and prioritise projects that can be positioned for climate finance using the DST.
  • Established Budget Officer-level ownership and commitment to the use of the DST. This will form the basis for engaging with senior-level decision makers of MDAs selected for the pilot stage adoption of the tool in the 2023 Budget process.
  • Shortlist of MDAs to consider for selection for TA support ahead of the 2023 Budget Cycle.