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“WATTS with the Grid?” Episode 2: Gas as a transition fuel: rhetoric versus reality

While electricity in Nigeria is generated through thermal and hydropower, fossil fuels are the main source of electricity generation. Nigeria plans to increase international exports and domestic consumption and at the same time meet emissions and sustainable development goals. Can these two objectives be achieved at the same time? What could be the risks?
Olajumoke Delano, Chi Chi Emenike and Itohan Ehiede discuss these questions with Stella Odiase.

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“WATTS with the Grid?” Episode 1: Electricity pricing, billing and everything in between

“WATTS with the Grid?” is a conversation with women who work in the power sector.

What do these women think about the current national conversation on tariff increases? How is the Service Based Tariff faring in terms of improvement in service and revenues? How does the price of electricity impact national commitments to a low-carbon transition?

Stella Odiase leads the conversation with Dalia Sakr, Wola Joseph-Condotti, Tosin Adefeko and Olajumoke Delano.

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